Using familiar materials like hardware store supplies, custom fabric, lights, used furniture and decorative kitsch, I respond to interior spaces like they are life-size canvases. Corners, walls and floors are flattened or distorted to give viewers an imaginary escape while drawing awareness to the overlooked details of our physical spaces. A glossy nostalgic color palette and recognizable household objects are intended to create a sensory experience. I see the work as complete once viewers move through the space and decode the visual clues. Nothing remains but the photographs after the work is dismantled.

Between installations, works on paper help me experiment with color, composition, and the boundaries of illusionistic space. Sometimes the works on paper and installations exist independently, sometimes they merge, supporting each other in a back and forth conversation between flatness and dimension.
Julie Alpert is a painter, installation artist, and teacher in Seattle. She has a BA in painting from the University of Maryland and an MFA in painting from the University of Washington. She was a 2013 Neddy Award Finalist, the recipient of a 2012 Pollock-Krasner Award and has received two GAP grants (2012, 2009). Julie has been a member of SOIL Gallery since 2009. When not making installations she performs as a dancing taco in the Seattle art band The Bran Flakes. Julie was a MacDowell Colony fellow in March and April of 2014 with support from The New Foundation.

Andrew Sankey
Photo: Andrew Sankey